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Affidavit of Defendant

A Defendant contesting an infraction citation in the Douglas County District Court must completely fill out this form and file it with the Court. In the form, Defendant must indicate whether the the affidavit is mitigating or contested. Completed form may be submitted via mail or email.


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STATE OF WASHINGTON  ) Infraction Number: 
(Plaintiff)   ) 
)  A	
(Defendant)   ) 	
State the 

facts and circumstances surrounding the incident that you believe supports 
your position   email 
addres s   
I wish to be  contacted by email.  If you do not 
hear from the 	
court via email please check your Junk E-ma il. I promise that if it is determined that I committed the infraction 
for which I was cited, 
I will pay  	

the monetary  penalty authorized by law  and assessed by the court.  I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the 
State of Washington 
that  the foregoing is true and correct. I  am aware that under the Rules and Codes of 
the  State of  Washington governing Infraction law that there shall  be no appeal  from a 
decision  rendered on written  statements.  [Date and Place] 
mailing ad
dress, phone n umber  and/or em ail address  	
Affidavit of Defendant page 1  (I understand that if this form is submitted by e-mail, my typed name on the signature line will 
qualify as my signature for purposes of the above certification.)
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