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Absentee Affidavit- Application for Marriage License

In the State of Colorado, applying for a marriage license requires the use of the following form.


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The absent party must fill	 this out completely in blue or black ink, have the affidavit	 notarized, and the other 	
party must bring the	 affidavit	 and be present in order to obtain the license.	 A copy of the ID presented to the 	
notary	 (proof of age and/or photo ID) of the absent party must also be presented with the 	affidavit.	 Document 	
must be presented to Clerk and Recorder’s Office within 30 days of the notary signature.	 	
County of  	  	 	 
I the undersigned hereby make application for a license to join in marriage and under oath I state that the information given	 is true 	
and correct to the best of my knowledge, that neither applicant is under legal guardianship and believe tha	t there exists no reason 	
why we should not be joined in marriage.	 	
 APPLICAN	T: 	 Legal Name: 	  	 	 	 	 	 	
First	 	Middle Name	 	Last	 	Suffix 	Previou	s marrie	d nam	e 	
Number/Street	 	City	 	State/ Zip	 	
Birth Date: 	  	/  	/  	 Sex (	circle	 one	): 	Male	 	Female	 	Last name at birth if different 	(opt	):   	 	 
Social Security Number: 	  	 City&State of Birth: 	  	 	 
Parent/Legal	 Guardian: 	  	 	 	City&State:	  	 	
First	 	Middle Name	 	Last	 	
 Parent/Legal Guardian: 	  	 	 	 City&State:	  	 	
First	 	Middle Name	 	Last	 	
 Present Marital/Union Status 	(circle	 one	): 	Single	 	Widowed	 	Divorced/Dissolved/Declared Invalid	 	Married	 	Civil Union	 	 If Divorced/Dissolved/	 	
Declared Invalid	 	
Date: 	    /  	/  	 City&State: 	  	Type of Court (	if applicable	):  	 	
If previously	 in a civil	 union,	 name	 of former	 partner:	  	 	 
Proof	 of Age	* (circle	 one	): 	Valid Drivers License	 	Passport	 	Birth 	Certificate	 	Other (	specify	):   	 	 
We the undersigned hereby make application for a license to unite in marriage and under oath we state that the information giv	en is 	
true and correct to the best of our knowledge, that neither applicant is under legal guardianship, or have provided written c	onsent 	
or judicial orde	r, and believe that there exists no reason why we should not be married.	 	
APPLICANT	 Signature: 	  	 	 
Subscribed and affirmed,	 or sworn to, before me this 	  	 day of 	  	, 20	  	 at 	  	    m.	 	(seal)	 	
Notary Signature  	/ County Clerk and 	Recorder / Deputy County Clerk	 	
Affidavit	 by person to be married when not appearing in person before county clerk. 	Properly executed, this form upon presentation 	
is attached to marriage license application.	 	
*Proo	f of age mus	t be presente	d to the Count	y Cler	k & Recorde	r at the tim	e of applicatio	n for a marriag	e license.	 	
 Form M	-3, Approved by the Office	 of the State 	Registrar of 	Vital Statistics, 	Revised 11/2016
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